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  • Get Familiar With the Benefits and Installation of Plastic Strip Nails and Paper Strip Nails
    Sustainability, stability, flexibility – these are the benefits that many DIYers have found from using plastic row nails and straight row nails. Popular among do-it-yourselfers for a variety of projects ranging from exterior home improvements to cabinet installations, plastic row nails and straight
    Recently, due to the development of technology and the emergence of new materials, roofing nails are more and more widely used on the roof. Roofing nail has three main advantages: First, it has strong corrosion resistance. After its surface is treated with a special process, it is not easy to cause
  • Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
    Woodenbox,blue inside 7bc×6cartonwoodenbox loosing packing 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 48kgCase,blue inside 7bc×8cartonCass,(loose) 20kg 25kgMatting,(loose) 25kg 50kg
  • Square Boat Nails – Solid Steel Structure, Resistant to Withdrawal
    Square boat nails, refer to galvanized steel or copper nails with square shanks, are a type of cutting nails or its derivative products. The square nail shank has a tapered section for increasing connecting area. Therefore, an excellent holding force is formed without splitting the fastening materia
  • Clout nails with big flat head fix roofing sheets without damage
    Clout nails, sometimes called felt nails or roofing nails, are one of the most commonly used types of concrete nails. They usually have a short shank and an enlarged flat head. This nails used to secure the soft sheet materials to the wood sheathing. For a more secure attachment, it is recommended t
  • Galvanized Roofing Clout Nail With Overlarge Head
    Clout nails with overlarge head, also known as shingle nails or felt nails, are commonly used to fix soft materials such as plasterboard and roofing felt. Featured with short nail shank and a flat larger head, roofing felt nail distribute the load directly underneath the top of the nail. All of the
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