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Summary Of Various Nail Uses

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Summary Of Various Nail Uses

1. Ordinary round nails: used for nailing wood.

2. Nail shooting: machine nails and wood nails (closely arranged like staples, but straight).

3. Floor setting: floor only.

4.  Corrugated nails: used to connect wood components, asbestos tiles, and plastic tiles. Product name: hemp rod corrugated nail, with umbrella cap, hemp rod. The surface galvanizing treatment can be divided into two types: galvanized hemp rod corrugated nails and galvanized polished rod corrugated nails according to the presence or absence of helix.

5.Plastic cap nail : Industrial construction, foundry, furniture repair, packing boxes.

6. Concrete steel nails are used for the connection of cement walls, ground and surface materials.

7. Nail shooting: use bullets as the driving force to shoot into the concrete wall or even into the cast iron

8.Sod staple:Hold sod on hills or curves.

Secure landscape fabric to reduce birds or keep birds away,etc.