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plastic strip nail

TYPE: 21 Degree Full Round Head Smooth Shank Plastic Strip Framing Nails
APPLICATION: Nail provides excellent holding power in most wood applications
COUNT:1,000 per box
LENGTH: 3 Inch x .131
TREATMENT: Bright Basic
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Specification ;

plastic strip framing nails

* For use in 30 to 34 degree paper tape collation framing nailers
* Plastic tape collated smooth shank
* Electro Galvanized offers some corrosion protection.
* Hot dip galvanized coating resists corrosion and rust. For interior and exterior use. Rated for use in treated lumber.
* Bright finish for interior use in non-treated lumber only.
* Clipped Head, Offset Round Head.

Q195, Q235, stainless steel
Surface Finish
Bright, Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvaized, Electro Galvanized, Zic Yellow, Zine Bule, MG, Dacro, etc.
Paper collated, plastic collated and wire weld collated
Nail head
Smooth, Chequered, Convex, Roofing, Philips, Pozi, Square, Torx, etc
Nail Point
Diamond, Blunt, Chisel, Clinch, Shear, etc.
Nail Diameter

Packing & Delivery;

包装 (4)    包装 (1)

Packaging Terms:

Inner box, Master carton, pallet, etc, which is according to your requirementsDelivery Time:7~30 days as per your quantity.
Shipment Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF/DDP; By sea, air, courier, and railway, etc.

Introducing the ultimate framing solution - plastic strip framing nails! Our top notch nails have been meticulously crafted to cater to a variety of applications with ease. They're perfectly suited whether you're working with treated lumber or non treated lumber.

Specifically designed for 30 34 degree paper tape collation framing nailers our plastic tape collated smooth shank ensures zero chances of jamming while in use. When it comes to protection against corrosion we offer two options - the electro galvanized coating provides some degree of protection or consider upgrading to our hot dip galvanized coating that resists both rust and corrosion.

This extra protection ensures that your projects remain robust and long lasting far beyond expectations. Notably these nails are rated for use in treated lumber adding an extra layer of confidence when tackling any construction or remodeling project! For those searching for a reliable nail option when working with non-treated lumber projects internally, look no further than our bright-finished nails.

However, if you require outdoor exposure protection for your endeavors with such lumber products - we suggest investing in hot dip galvanized options that will provide optimal results.

Our plastic strip framing nails offer accessible usage through its clipped and offset round head design; ideal even for novice users completing complex tasks while providing exceptional grip strength. Our commitment towards delivering high-performance durability extends over into each nail's quality construction using premium materials capable of withstanding severe vibrations without surrendering grip strength or breaking apart.

Overall, our plastic strip framing nails stand as an exceptionally viable alternative whenever undertaking new home building plans or crafting personal projects concerning wood-based materials due to their unparalleled ease-of-use alongside impressive durability standards.

Achieve a flawless finish on your projects and let them shine. By taking action today you'll witness the amazing transformation firsthand.