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Technical composition of concrete nail

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Technical composition of concrete nail

In many places can be used in cement nails, so its market development is very large, with continuous improvement of technology, has been recognized by the market, in many places have played a very important role.

clout nail (10)

The Concrete Nail has the characteristic which other row nail does not have, therefore the cement nail can not be substituted. With the rapid development of real estate and decoration industry, the demand of concrete nail is increasing year by year, the existing mode of production of cement nail can not meet the demand. Artificial nails, not only low efficiency, and glue release of toxic gases affect the health of workers, and in winter glue also have a certain temperature, but also increased the volatile gas. This obviously greatly affected the scale production of cement nails.

In the production process of concrete nails, separation, gelatinization, drying, cutting off in the project is easier to achieve. For example, the separation process can be used more commonly electromagnetic vibrator to complete, this technology has been very mature, the market sales of this type of equipment is also more. It is difficult to realize the automatic orientation and arrangement, because the nails used in cement nails are t-shaped rather than round, which is special and not easy to be realized by conventional methods. In this case, the high-efficiency automatic nailing device not only increases productivity but also reduces the harm to workers.